Bring home the Best Bloody Mary from Oliver's Public House

Bar Manager Ricky Pajewski with a bottle of Their Very own House-made bloody  mary mix


This post will be short and sweet.  

You've heard it from us over and over again.

Oliver's Public House serves THE BEST BLOODY MARY in all of Madison, WI.


We've gone to just about every place that serves this brunch staple in Madison and nothing comes close.


It's the truth, and we would never lie to any of you.... 

...but we've been keeping something from all of you 🤐, and it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

We've been bringing home a bottle of Oliver's Bloody Mary Mix every single week. 😬

And now..... you can too!  😆



We crave the Bloody Mary here, and it's part of our weekly ritual to drop in for a glass... or maybe two.  No judgements right?  So naturally, We had to have this at home.

Bar Manager Ricky Pajewski is the mastermind behind Oliver's perfect Bloody Mary recipe.  With the use of their own smoked tomatoes and St. George Green Chile Vodka, there is no topping this delicious Bloody Mary cocktail.  We dare you to try.

Reach out to Oliver's Public House's Facebook page by CLICKING HERE and message them directly if you're interested in their bottle of pure liquid gold.  They'll discuss all the deets with you and how you too can enjoy Madison's best bloody mary in your home like we do.