Dining In The Statehouse: Here's What You Need To Know About The Food

The Dining Room at The Statehouse in The Edgewater Hotel in Madison, WI                                                                                  Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

The Statehouse is located in The Edgewater Hotel in Madison, WI, beautifully located at the 'edge of the water', and by water, I mean Lake Mendota, and mere steps from the Wisconsin State Capitol.

As a relatively new Madison resident, I was not aware of the history that The Edgewater had until I entered there pristine establishment.

And I mean PRISTINE.

Ever watched The Great Gatsby?  The one with DiCaprio, not Redford?  (Although both were equally great)

I felt like I was walking into a hotel in that era.  

The interior was Art Deco done right, and I was immediately impressed.

There's hourly self-parking available.  $3.50/hour.  (Please let me know if this is correct, as I didn't quite hear the parking attendant when he told me)  

We opted for valet instead which was $15.  (There's an ATM in the hotel if you need cash, but they will accept CCs if you pay at the front desk)

As we walked into the hotel we pass their bar on the right, and as we continue on to the restaurant, we passed by this amazing site...

Back of the bar                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

How beautiful is this?!?!

This is the back of The Statehouse bar people!  


The back.

Of the bar. 

We haven't even stepped into the actual dining space of the restaurant yet!!!

See, I told you.  

PRISTINE and Art Deco done right.  

They also have an amazingly friendly kitchen staff.

Thumbs up indeed for the kitchen                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

We were greeted by the host and were offered to take our coats.  We were seated right by the window overlooking the lake.

I can see how this restaurant could easily win by the view alone, during daylight.  It was dark, so I really couldn't see the lake.  Well, I could see it, but it just looked like a dark block of ice.  I could only imagine how beautiful the view would be in the warmer months.

And, of course, this was during Madison's Restaurant Week, and it just wouldn't be right if I didn't show you all the menu.

Here it is.

The Statehouse Menu for Restaurant Week                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

You've all got to be salivating right now.  I mean, COME ON!  The menu!  Everything looks delish! It was almost impossible to decide.

But, I did, and I did it... for all of you.

We were able to look at their regular menu as well and saw that they had a 'Lobster Roll'.  I was super tempted to order it as well, but decided to hold off on that and stick to the RW menu.  (I REEEEAAALY wanted to eat the Lobster Roll though)

This place is SUPER classy, but not pretentious, which I find to be true for every restaurant I've dined in here in Madison, even the ones that most might presume to be on the "Fru-Fru" side.  It's nice to not have to require a jacket and tie for the men, or get all dolled up during the winter when you're going to be covered by a coat where no-one will see your outfit once you sit down at your table anyway.  

Want to see how classy this place is? 

Check out their kids menu.

The Statehouse Kids Menu                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

No crayons, mazes or word-search puzzles here folks.  Steel and leather.  Only the best.

But, rest assured that The Statehouse is kid-friendly.  They do have a kid's menu. 

I was already impressed by the decor, the service, and the menus, so you could only imagine how elated I was to finally be able to order our selections, and when they started arriving at our table.

First, let me tell you about the bread and butter.

I know, I know.  You're probably thinking, "who cares about the bread and butter?"

Ummmm... ME!!!!  Duh!

The bread arrived warm, which is always a plus. The star of this duo, however, is the BUTTER!!!!

It's geometrically pleasing to the eye as far as presentation, but the taste.  YUM!

It appears to be drizzled with olive oil, touched up with a sprig of thyme and sprinkled with black sea salt on top. Now I could be completely wrong with the ingredients.  The butter was gone in less than 2 minutes, so I wasn't able to examine and investigate what went into this buttery triangle.  If any of you know what they are, please leave it in the comments.

Now off to the first course.  The Duck Flat Bread.

I've got to tell you, this starter could easily be a meal in itself.  There was a generous serving of shredded duck (my favorite fowl to consume), and the crust on the flatbread was perfect.  Think of it as a really elevated pizza.  This currently isn't available on their regular menu, but I sure hope they consider adding it.  It's an exquisite dish.

Check out all the shredded duck on this flat bread from The Statehouse                                                                                Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

And what kind of a person would I be if I didn't share a vid of this sensational first course?

Let's be real.  I could have called it quits after this course.  As I mentioned earlier, this eats like an entree, but served as an appetizer.

Nevertheless, I must go on, if not for me, but for all of you!

ONWARD to the 2nd course!  The Skate Schnitzel!

Deeeeelish.  It had fried capers on it!  My fav!

I'm a big schnitzel fan, but I've never had Skate Schnitzel, and this was a pleasantly filling and scrumptious dish.


But wait, what about dessert? 

Not gonna leave you hanging folks.

I was able to try two of their RW Menu desserts.  The Chocolate Cremeaux and the Brûlée Banana Tart.

Check out these delectable delights!

The Must-have?

The Brûlée Banana Tart.  

The toasted miso marshmallow, the lime curd, and the spiced Chantilly just works in this dessert.

And lets not forget the star of the dessert, the banana!  It's definitely not baby food banana (you know what I'm talking about) in that tart. 

Positively sublime!

Here it is again, because gosh darn it, you need to see it again.


I couldn't have been more pleased with my meal at The Statehouse, and I absolutely plan to eat there again.  I don't know what took me so long to eat there?  Perhaps it's the fact that I didn't even know it existed.

And I'm glad it does.

My next visit?

Brunch.  When I can enjoy the Lake Mendota view...

...assuming that I am lucky enough to sit by the window. (fingers crossed)

Rumor has it that they're brunch menu is phenomenal, and I plan to see, better yet, TASTE for myself.

Even though I've given you everything I think you need to know about the food here, I've barely scratched the surface... and it's just not the same as experiencing it for yourselves.

Will you get great service?  Yes.

Will you eat great food?  Yes.

Can you bring your kids?  Yes.

Will it be worth your hard-earned money?  Absolutely!

So make sure you make your rezzies for The Statehouse IMMEDIATELY!

Come as you are and don't forget to bring your appetites... or your kids!

'Cause classy loves company at The Statehouse, no matter who you are and what you've got on.

        By Chris Attaway

        By Chris Attaway