El Grito Taqueria Tacos Pop Up at Estrellón

Unless you've been living under a rock here in Madison, WI, you know that El Grito Taqueria is synonymous to 'best tacos in town'.  Now put these tasty, elevated tacos in one of Chef Tory Miller's restaurants, and you have yourself one hell of a successful pop-up!

And we were there!

Estrellón held their first pop-up dining event, hosting El Grito tacos at The Bar adjacent to the main dining room.  It was Tacos and Tequila from 8pm - 11pm.  $3 per taco,  and cash only of course.  The line was out the door! Thankfully it was a nice evening by Wisconsin standards. There were several that dropped off from the line, which only meant the rest of us were closer to fulfilling our taco destiny.  

It was definitely standing room only once the tables were occupied, and The Bar was lit!!!!  It took an hour and a half of waiting for the acclaimed El Grito tacos, because... well... El Grito Tacos, that's why.  

Was it worth the wait?


To those that left the line.  We're sorry, and thanks!

You totally missed out, but más tacos para nosotros!


Here were the 3 tacos on the pop up menu:

  1. Pineapple Pork Taco with red cabbage/mustard seed slaw
  2. 3-Chili Mole Chicken Taco with crema, sesame seed, an cilantro

And our favorite?



3. The Butternut Squash Taco

Served with almond arbol salsa topped with crema, cilantro and fried lentils. 


Let's not forget the cocktails!  

It was Tacos & Tequila after all.

Here's a quick snapshot of the special drinks menu.


Resident bartender Steve Dawson is holding up one of the most readily available special cocktails of the evening, the Vampiros Mexicanos.

Made with Blanco tequila sangria, lime and picante salt, this one's a bit on the sneaky side, so don't let it fool you.

Sure there's sangria, but there's definitely a generous amount of tequila in this drink to make it dangerous.

It's delicious, so be careful.  Unless your tolerance is on some next-level $#!t, stick to no more than 2 for this one.

Remember that old proverb?

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila... 

... you know the rest.



Chuckie Brown is proudly showcasing his cocktail creation, the Cool Hand Cuke.

Made with rum, cucumber, lime, chile flakes, and Cava, this cocktail was a refreshing libation that was light enough to be enjoyed over, and over, and over again.

Don't let the chile flakes intimidate you.

It gives it just enough kick to give it that edge.

It's named Cool Hand Cuke after all, and if you know the movie reference, this cocktail was on point because...

...what we have here was NOT a failure to communicate.

This drink is telling us that it's here to stay...

...on the regular bar menu.  We hope.


So what are FIVE things we learned from this inaugural pop-up event?

  1. El Grito tacos are worth waiting in line for.
  2. El Grito tacos are worth waiting in line for.
  3. El Grito tacos are worth waiting in line for.
  4. El Grito and The Bar at Estrellon equals pop-up gold.
  5. El Grito tacos are worth waiting in line for.

You get the picture.