How to make Kyle's Kick-Ass Brisket


We appreciate all of our readers and all of our followers on social media, so when we hear from you, we listen.  We tend to get recipe submissions from our readers requesting to publish their recipes on Epicurean Chronicles.  So guess what?  We'll do just that.  To kick this off right, here is our first recipe submission from one of our readers, Kyle Severson.

Kyle enjoys being a dad and a husband.  He's a focused professional and his weekends consist of home brew and BBQ.  In his free time, he likes to golf, travel and kick back!

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                                                                            Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

Kyle's Kick-Ass Brisket

  • USDA "Prime" Brisket (from Costco) - It was a "full packer" brisket meaning that the flat and the point were still connected
  • Wet Aged in my fridge for 3 weeks (it was in cryovac packaging) to make tender
  • The night before, take out of package, pat dry with paper towel, and then cover in a light coat of olive oil and 50/50 fresh ground pepper and sea salt
  • Get up early, start charcoal for my Pit Barrel Cooker (
  • Cook until the temperature hits 165 F (this takes at least 6 hours but could be considerably more)
  • I try to keep the PBC @ 275 F
  • I also use a iGrill2 device to keep an eye on the brisket and the grill (so I don't open it and let out the heat and moisture)
  • When it hits 165 F, I wrap it in pink butcher paper (per Franklin BBQ in Austin)
  • I put a little beer in the wrap
  • Put back on the grill until it hits 205 F
  • Remove from grill, wrap in a bath towel, and put in a cooler for 2 hours
  • Then slice it up and ENJOY!

The real key is the PBC.  It's an awesome smoker.  It cooks at a higher temperature than a typical smoker, but retains the moisture as the design works as a convection oven.  Chicken, ribs, etc... are always great!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Epicurean Chronicles