The Fried Green Tomatoes at Oliver's Public House though?!


Our meal at Oliver’s Public House for brunch this weekend was so unbelievably good that we had to write about it immediately.

Y’all should know by now how much we LOVE Oliver’s for brunch.


We’ve eaten almost everything on their brunch menu, and today, we tried something on their menu that we haven’t had before…

The Fried Green Tomatoes.

But first… let’s show you the other yumminess we had.


We drank their Bloody Mary.

No brunch in Madison is complete without the staple Bloody Mary, and Oliver’s has THE BEST in Madison.

Hands down.  

They smoke and roast tomatoes from their own garden for their Bloody mix, and it's damn good!

We’ve tried several in Madison and still haven't found a Bloody Mary better than Oliver’s.

Not a one.




We ate the Smoked Salmon Sandwich.

Holy smoked salmon batman!  

This was served with scallion cream cheese and pickled red onions on an everything bagel.  It was a generous salmon-to-bagel ratio, and incredibly flavorful!

We chose their fresh house potato chips as our side.  

BRUNCH TIP:  Even though Oliver’s comes armed with a kid-friendly menu, we encourage you to have your kiddos try this dish if you want them to venture out of their comfort zone.  It’s safe enough that it wouldn’t scare them away, but “fancy” enough that it makes them feel more like an “adult” when they’re eating it.  Throw in a beverage from their “No ID Required” menu and BOOM!  Instant mini-adult bruncher!


We ate the Biscuits and Brat Gravy.

This (along with their Classic Eggs Benny) is one of our go-to dishes, and we were pleased to see that it’s still fantastic as ever.  They served this with 2 eggs over-easy (your choice on how the eggs are served of course) and a petite salad. They have a vegetarian option of this dish as well.  Yum!


We ate the Rhuberry Scone.

This was the fresh scone of the day.  A rhubarb and blueberry collabo.  This was a hit with our tastebuds with butter and honey they provided.  Yum!  


And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The reason for this blog post…

We ate the Fried Green Tomatoes.




This dish was so #@$%&*$ good!!!!!

Cornmeal crusted green tomatoes served over creamed sweet corn and topped with a bell pepper, jalapeño, carrot, and arugula salad tossed in a maple-cumin vinaigrette with 2 over-easy eggs.


This was a beautifully presented dish.  The colors were so vibrant and the presentation incredibly appetizing that we couldn’t wait to dig in and tear it up!

Just look at it!!!!  LOOK AT IT!!!!  

What a sexy delicious dish!

Chef Patrick McCormick slayed it with the maple-cumin vinaigrette.  Damn that was tasty!  Bottle that up and sell it!

This dish is now our favorite dish for brunch at Oliver’s.  We are seriously kicking ourselves for just trying it now at the tail end of the spring/summer season, so we encourage all of you to go out to Oliver’s and order this exquisite dish before it’s gone.

Let us know what you think.  We’d be surprised if we’re the only ones who feel this way about this delicious addition to their brunch menu.