Top 3 Favorite Wines at Isthmus Uncorked 2018

Photo by Karissa Boeke @madisonfoodfan

By Karissa Boeke | @MadisonFoodFan

Isthmus put on their first annual “Isthmus Uncorked” wine festival this past Saturday in Madison and the sun came out just in time for it to be as enjoyable as I expected! There were over 30 wineries, all offering a variety of wines and I quickly realized there was no way I could sample enough of the wines to give an educated “best” list. I’m also not enough of an expert to truly recommend anyway. Sadly, I may have missed some excellent wines out there, but you can only drink so much! So here are a few wineries that stuck with me by the end of the festival.

Rock N Wool Winery

I just had so much fun at this tent! They were so personable and engaging. I actually tasted every wine they offered as they would pull in a group and do an informative, yet speedy, sampling of each wine! They were all tasty! I enjoyed the “Giddy Bonnie” and “Hannah Jo” (named after one of the owner’s children I believe) best. Pictured is the “Jack Ass Apple Juice” which was a fun apple wine! This tent was the most memorable to me. 

Photo by Karissa Boeke @madisonfoodfan

Baraboo Bluff Winery

In general, I tend to choose Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir as my wine of choice. So to be fair, I should disclose I hardly tasted any of the whites offered throughout. I LOVED this Cabernet Sauvignon, “Color Me Cab.” Tasting notes state deep, rich with a hint of vanilla. Simple and delicious!

Photo by Karissa Boeke @madisonfoodfan

Drumlin Ridge Winery

I do enjoy a Rosé in the summer. This winery offered a Pinot Noir Rosé which was different to see. Their standard Pinot Noir was one of my top Pinot Noir samples of the day as well. 

Photo by Karissa Boeke @madisonfoodfan

Overall, it was a wonderful day! The festival was well organized, offered a selection of food trucks and more wine than you could imagine. A couple other wines I enjoyed: the Cabernet Sauvignon from Apple Works Winery and Devil River Red (also a Cab) from Duck Creek Vineyard & Winery.