Top 5 Dishes at the 2017 MACN Kick-off


MACN Chef Week was another successful event this year, and what better way to kick things off than by having a fabulous food celebration!!!!  

This year, a portion of the proceeds went to the following organizations:

Once again, this event was held at both L'Etoile and Graze, located on the Capitol Square with the State Capitol as your view.  All the usual suspects of notable Madison, WI chefs were in attendance, along with a few newbies, and a myriad of food offerings.  As always, no Epicurean Chronicles coverage of a food event is complete without our top picks.  This was a tough one, for it was definitely a 'Battle of Desserts', as far as our tops.  To be fair to the savory dishes that were offered, the desserts will be in a category all their own... and naturally saved for last.

So let's get to it. 

Here are our Top 5 Savory Dishes at this year's MACN Chef Week Kick-off.

5. Lamb & Shrimp Shumai - Chef Stephan May (Banzo)

with Smoked ginger sauce


4. Ginger Cilantro Cured Salmon - Chef Shinji Muramoto (Muramoto)

with Creme fraiche, wasabi flying fish roe, salmon roe, blini


3. Big Eye Tuna Crudo - Chef Jed Spink (Red Sushi)

with Wasabi pea crust, asian pear, pea shoots, fresno chili, pickled chili, soy caramel sauce.


2. Grass Fed Lamb Tartare - Chef Dan Fox (Heritage Tavern)

with Mustard green whipped cream, olive oil fried potato chips, Spanish olive-lemon vinaigrette, parsley, shallot

1. Fried Chicken Skin - Chef Gil Altschul (Grampa's Pizzeria)

with Kimchee aioli and watermelon radish


Here are our Top 3 Sweet Dishes at this years MACN Kick-off.

3. Chocolate Cheesecake Caramel Bar - Chef Kristine Miller (Dough Baby Bakery)

with Door County Cherries


2. Pathingsu - Chef Jamie Hoang (Sujeo)

Korean shaved ice, condensed milk, Door County cherries, mango, red bean paste


1. La'Belle Farms Foie Gras - Chef Itaru Nagano (L'Etoile)

with cocoa, matcha, and almond


It was incredibly difficult to choose from the diverse and mouth-watering line-up.

Everything was delicious.



However, it was super fun trying to decide, so no regrets here!

There's no way that you wouldn't enjoy yourself at this foodie soirée.  If you love food, all things Madison, and giving back, then make sure to come to next year's event.  You'll leave gut-bustingly full, and well... really happy!

There was so much fantastic food, great people, that a good time was had by all.

Check out the slideshow below, and we hope to see you next year!!!