We Got Served at Mickey's Tavern!


As food lovers, we are always seeking out different eateries, and do our best to eat at different places, even though we have some that we frequent more than others.  We often ask people we meet for recommendations on where to eat next, and this time around, we decided to eat brunch at Mickey's Tavern in Madison, WI as recommended by our pal Larry Sharp.  We met Larry a few months ago at a Founders Beer dinner, which you can read about by clicking here.

Mickey's Tavern is incredibly unassuming, and is located inside an old brick building that resembles a castle.  You can't miss it, it's right on the corner of Williamson and S. Thornton.  If you're looking for a 'dive' atmosphere, this place is it!  But, don't let the exterior sway your opinion on how the food will be.  Once you step inside and place your order, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what ends up on your plate.


First off, we have to mention how we LOVED the quirky and cool vibe of the incredibly retro and vintage decor the tavern had.  For a 'dive' this was as hip as any place could get.  Check out the vintage sign and painted brick!  So cool!


Upon entering Mickey's Tavern, this is what you'll see.  

Oh, and those empty bar stools and tables didn't stay empty for very long.


Check out the teal bar with nail-head trim and red vinyl barstools!

Oh so retro!

And uber fantastic!


Looking to test your skill at pool?  

Check out their pool table and don't forget to bring your quarters.

Again.... VERY retro!


Not feeling like sitting in the designated bar and dining area?  

Not a problem.

Mickey's Tavern has alternate seating areas for you to enjoy your meal and drinks.

The place is a lot bigger than it appears.

We are digging this magenta and gold themed space!  


We weren't able to take any photos of the outdoor space.  We know, we know, our bad.  But, trust us when we say that there is a huge outdoor patio space to eat at as well.  We'll update this post with pics the next time we visit.

Here are a couple more seating spaces to lounge in.


Another cool thing at Mickey's Tavern was the juke box.  

Super cool, super retro, and functional.  

You can play some of your fav tunes while you eat!


Now on to the food!

Check out their menu.  It's as retro as it can get.  Simple and straight to the point.

We ate the Biscuits & Gravy

WOW!  This tasted exactly like how our Southern grandma used to make them!  For real!

The cornmeal-buttermilk biscuits covered in sausage gravy is a must-have!


We ate the Eggs Benedict

This dish not only satisfied our palate and tummies, but our OCD as well.  Every bit of food plated neatly in its place. 

This portion size was PERFECT.  Not too much potato and not too much hollandaise sauce.

The hollandaise tasted great, and the potatoes.... oh those potatoes!  Seasoned to perfection!

We gobbled this up pretty quickly.  Yum!


We ate Such Good Waffles

They were exactly that.  




It was served with fresh fruit and fresh whipped cream.


We drank the Mickey's Classic Bloody Mary

We opted to have this without the beer back, and requested it be made with Tito's Handmade Vodka.

This was a damn good Bloody Mary!

Nuff said.


Service was great!

A special shout out to Garrett who waited on  us and provided exceptional service and conversation.  

Thanks Garrett, you rock!  👊🏼


We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food that Mickey's Tavern had to offer, and we are so glad that we ate here.

If you're looking for cheap eats during brunch without compromising the quality of the food, Mickey's Tavern is the place for you.  

Everything on the menu is under $9.  

Like, really.  UNDER $9

They only accept cash so make sure to bring some.  Don't worry if you forget, there's an ATM conveniently available inside.

Walk-ins are welcomed here, and plenty of street parking available.

Quick!  Go to Mickey's Tavern for brunch, and tell them Epicurean Chronicles sent you!