We're Obsessed with cocktails from Madison's

By: Lynne Everson, Goddess of Wine & Spirits

I want to start out by saying that Madison’s is definitely one of my new favorite places. They have amazing drinks, and it is such a fun atmosphere. They’ve been around for over a decade, but having just recently gone there for the first time - I am obsessed.

Click here for their location.

I went out to happy hour with some old co-workers to catch up and we decided to stop at Madison’s.  It ended up being a few hours (maybe more) but we had SUCH a good time. 

It’s pretty fun just sampling different cocktails for “research.”

Let’s be real – at 26, I can only get away with mixing this many alcohols together at one time and being able to function the next day for so much longer. SO, I decided to try as many of the fun cocktails as I could in one night.


The first was their Gin and Jam cocktail...

...and full disclosure, I am NOT the biggest fan of gin.  While I haven’t tried many, I tend to feel it tastes like pine trees more often than not. BUT, this was DELICIOUS!  It was made with peach & lemongrass gin, Lillet Blanc, fresh lemon, and seasonal jam. I couldn’t even taste the gin – which was dangerous but wonderful. 😀


The Peach Cocktail...

...was made with Stoli Peachik Vodka, Gomme Syrup, and fresh lemon.  Very simple, but very delicious. It was dainty and sophisticated looking, with a flower in ice, itwas just beautiful. Like.. I want hundreds of these at my wedding! I was worried it would be too peachy and gross, but it was not too sweet and just tasted really refreshing.


ONWARD to the Spiced Cucumber!

This was VERY good. Not too strong, but definitely packs a punch – in a VERY good way. This was another gin cocktail - Hendrick's Gin, lemon juice, serrano syrup. fresh rosemary, and muddled cucumber. I know serrano can be very intimidating, but this was not all that spicy.  It was just enough to bring out the different flavors and leave a nice tingle in your mouth.


Last but CERTAINLY not least, was the Savory Sangria.





You guys… this was SO YUMMY.

I don’t really even know how to explain it, but it was on another level. PLEASE GO TRY THIS! 

Sangria can go in many different directions – too weak, too sweet, too watery, too much fruit – but this was perfect on so many levels. It included Hangar One Mandarin, Mathilde Pear, St. Germain, Fig Puree, Orange Juice and Port. DELISH!


That’s the end of my list, because I couldn’t move past the Sangria, it was THAT good.


After all these delicious cocktails, I highly recommend walking your tipsy self up to Tipsy Cow and getting some of their Buffalo Crispy Chicken Wings, before heading home in your Uber.

And, I apologize in advance for your mild hangover. 😀