Our Services


influencer marketing & events

This is OUR JAM! Why do all the talking yourself when others can do it for you?! We know a thing or two about the influencer life (we’re influencers ourselves). Let us help you launch your new restaurant, product, or your new menu. We know how to plan and execute campaigns and events that are sure to have them talking about you to all of their friends and followers. 


social media strategy

So your brand is on social media, but it’s just… MEH. Now what? We can help you identify your brand’s voice, goals, and develop a plan to take your social media presence from MEH to THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN BOUT!


social media management & audience growth

Building an online community is all about meaningful connections with people. People are what builds brands. Engaging with your audience is something we can do daily. We’ll engage, get to know, and grow your audience. We’ll make sure that people know who you are and connect with your brand.


content creation

Engaging photos, videos, and captions is the name of the game. From photography styling, video production, and campaign creation, we know how to get this done!